Top Closeout Cowboy Boots for Men and Women

It’s closeout time; Allens Boots is starting to move some cowboy boots out in order to make room for new designs and current trends, which means it’s the perfect time for you to take advantage. Check out these extraordinary (and extraordinarily inexpensive) men’s and women’s cowboy boots!Men's Closeout Boots

Men’s – Lucchese Horned Back Croc Tail Boots

These beautiful boots have what may be the most distinctive vamp of all (that’s the part that goes over the top of your foot). With the beautiful and unique tail ridges of the horned black crocodile gracing your feet combined with the classic shaft hand-stitching that is a hallmark of Lucchese styling, you’ll make a statement everywhere you plant your heels. Continue Reading >

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Our Favorite Statement-Making Belt Buckles

Favorite Allens Belt BucklesAt Allens Boots, we might be all about the leather, but we’re also quite picky about our western accessories. That’s why we’d like to present to you some of our favorite belt buckles that really say something.

The ‘Texas’ Buckle by M&F

How could we not start off with this beauty? It says everything you need to say about your love for the Lone Star State. The Texas silhouette with the Texas flag and the Texas name on a Texas-sized belt buckle that goes with any shade of leather; this is a buckle that any self-respecting Texan can wear with pride! Continue Reading >

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Best-Selling Cowboy Hats for Fall

Allens_Cowboy-HatsIt’s time to put away the straw hats that kept the sun out of your eyes, and break out the felt cowboy hats that will keep your noggin warm as the weather cools. Allens Boots has the best-selling hats of the season. Here are some of the highlights:

The Boss of the Plains by Stetson

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that most of the best-selling cowboy hats of the season are Stetsons. They just make great hats! The Boss of the Plains has that characteristic highly-curled brim and ‘dusty’ quality that looks like you’ve been wrangling on the trail all day, even if you’ve really just stepped out of your office clothes and onto the dance floor. Continue Reading >

Allens Boots’ 2014 ACL Survival Guide

Music Festival OutisdeThe 2014 Austin City Limits Music Festival is almost upon us, and it’s bigger than ever, filling two weekends with more than a hundred bands. Zilker Park will be crammed full of music-lovers all day, and at night, the bands will be performing at venues all across the city. It’s a ‘new classic’ Austin experience, but it can be a little intimidating for a first-timer — or even a veteran ACL fest goer. Allens Boots has this advice for anyone that wants to maximize their fun at the ACL:

The ACL Survival Kit

There are a lot of things that are available for purchase within the Park, but some things are best brought with you, if only to keep from having to buy them at inflated in-Park prices:

Money: There are two ways to do money at ACL, and neither of them involves swiping cards. You can bring cash, but bring your cash — the ATM lines will be long and the fees high. Or, you can take advantage of the new ‘cashless ACL’ bracelet that allows you to pay for anything in the park with a tap of the wrist. Continue Reading >

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Festival Style: Boots to Rock at ACL

The Austin City Limits Music Festival is coming — block off the weekends of October 3-5 and 10-12 on your calendar, because you really should be there. Allens Boots has the women’s boots you could be rocking at ACL; ankle boots that will let you move to the music in serious style without getting overheated.Allens_Festival-Boots

Women’s Liberty Black Tocato Boots

Liberty Black makes some unique women’s boots, and the Tocato shows off what we mean. A top-tier dancing shoe with the fringe that shows off your motion, the Tocato rides that line between moccasin and cowgirl boot that makes it easy to match up with almost any outfit. Continue Reading >

Top 5 Men’s Cowboy Boots for Fall

The first day of fall is September 23, and it won’t be long before the green turns orange and we start seeing pumpkins for carving and eating. It’s a man’s job to stay on top of his wardrobe as the seasons change, naturally, but we at Allens Boots thought we might help with some of our best autumn men’s cowboy boots.Men's Cowboy Boots for Fall Season

Men’s Ariat Heritage Roughstock Boots

The thing about men’s cowboy boots (and let’s be honest) is that they come in two basic kinds; the in-your-face, larger-than-life kind, and the classic, timeless kind that seem made to blend in. It’s hard to find a boot that rides the line and makes a statement without bordering on zany. The Ariat Heritage Roughstock boots do the job. By skipping out on the pull tabs and instead opting for a quartet of red-edged gripping rings, these otherwise-classic boots say ‘fall’ without screaming it. Continue Reading >

Best Historic Dance Halls in Texas

Allens_State-of-TexasTexas is famous for a lot of things — so many that dancing can get lost in the crowd of Lone Star favorites. But the Texas Two-step, the Western Swing, the Texas Tommy, Kicker Dancing, and several other not-quite-as-famous dances have their roots right here in Texas. And right along with all those famous dances, we’re certain that Texas offers up the best boots for dancing, the best music to dance to, and some of the best dance halls for dancing in, too. Here are some of our favorites:

The Broken Spoke

We have to start here because it’s in our hometown and we’re Austin proud, y’all. The Broken Spoke is more than 50 years old and has had guests like Clint Eastwood to Queen Elizabeth II. It’s one of the original honky-tonks, and it is an absolutely vital visit for anyone who comes to Austin for the music scene.

Gruene Hall

The oldest dance hall in Texas (arguably), and definitely the only dance hall to survive its hometown turning into a genuine ghost town and then re-emerging from the ashes like a proud Texan phoenix, Gruene Hall is a ‘must-play’ venue. Even bands that aren’t headed to nearby San Antonio go out of their way to play Gruene Hall, which packs in the crowds even though they refuse to install air conditioning.

Neon Boots

Smack dab in the middle of downtown Houston is Texas’ self-proclaimed largest LGBTQ country-western club. It’s a classic venue, once home to Willie Nelson, today updated to embrace every kind of boot-scooting boogier.

Billy Bob’s Texas

So we’ve seen one of the original honky-tonks, now witness one of the largest in the world. Complete with classic extras like bull riding, big-name headliners, and an in-house full-scale restaurant, BBT is the consummate urban cowboy destination. At a whopping 127,000 square feet, everything really is bigger in Billy Bob’s Texas.

John T. Floore’s Country Store

Wait — ain’t this a list of dance halls? What’s a store doing here? What if we told you that John T. Floore’s has been the venue for Elvis Presley, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Bob Dylan, and many more big name stars? Even today, there are still big-time and soon-to-be-big-time musicians that pack the outdoor patio on any given summer weekend. If you’re in Helotes, stop by, grab a tamale, and enjoy a dance!




Top 5 Women’s Cowboy Boots for Fall

Fall starts on the 23rd of September — which means you’ve got less than a month to get your wardrobe ready, cowgirls. Allens Boots has some incredible belts and clutches handy for you to accessorize with, but boots are what we do best, naturally. These are some of our favorite women’s cowboy boots of the season, y’all: check ‘em out!Favorite Fall Boots for Women at Allens

Women’s Old Gringo Nadia Boots

They call these boots ‘furia snow’ — which is Old Gringo lingo for ‘amazing pale color almost unique among boots.’ These boots look like brocaded storm clouds. With subtle piping and pull straps, there’s little to interrupt the gorgeous patterns of these rugged little beauties. Pair them with any of those black miniskirts for a night out or a classy grey work ensemble and you’ll see why we love them! Continue Reading >

Austin Labor Day Weekend Fun

Allens-Boots_Austin-SkylineAllens Boots is having a sale over Labor Day, but that’s hardly news. We celebrate all of the time; it’s part of our nature, and we like to encourage other people to have some fun, too. That’s why we’ve put together some ideas for fun stuff y’all can do to make this Labor Day weekend in Austin a weekend to remember. Check it out:

Brewmasters Craft Beer Festival

Come enjoy more than 400 unique craft brews this Labor Day with Brewmasters and Moody Gardens! Galveston Island is hosting this fun and informative beer bash that features a host of events starting at 7pm on Friday the 29th and keeping you busy until 10pm on Sunday. Each of the several events has its own tickets, most of which come in at under three dollars per person. Needless to say, those under 21 need not apply. Continue Reading >

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Allens Exclusives: Boots You Can’t Find Anywhere Else!

Here at Allens Boots, we’re all about originality—and we’re talkin’ more than just choosin’ the best boots for your personality.

Allens Boots designs boot styles specifically with the Lucchese and Old Gringo brands to create one-of-a-kind cowboy boots you’ll only find in our stores. For our Lucchese Exclusives, that means we pick the leather, the stitch pattern, the toe and/or heel style, thread color, and more. (Essentially, we’re designing the boot from scratch!) For Old Gringo boots, we start with their basic design and make it our own! We pick an existing style or design and change the leather, thread color, and/or toe/heel style.

Want to pick up a pair of your own? We’ve got dozens in-stores and online. Here are some of our favorites:Allens_Allens-Exclusives Continue Reading >

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