Austin Labor Day Weekend Fun

Allens-Boots_Austin-SkylineAllens Boots is having a sale over Labor Day, but that’s hardly news. We celebrate all of the time; it’s part of our nature, and we like to encourage other people to have some fun, too. That’s why we’ve put together some ideas for fun stuff y’all can do to make this Labor Day weekend in Austin a weekend to remember. Check it out:

Brewmasters Craft Beer Festival

Come enjoy more than 400 unique craft brews this Labor Day with Brewmasters and Moody Gardens! Galveston Island is hosting this fun and informative beer bash that features a host of events starting at 7pm on Friday the 29th and keeping you busy until 10pm on Sunday. Each of the several events has its own tickets, most of which come in at under three dollars per person. Needless to say, those under 21 need not apply. Continue Reading >

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Allens Exclusives: Boots You Can’t Find Anywhere Else!

Here at Allens Boots, we’re all about originality—and we’re talkin’ more than just choosin’ the best boots for your personality.

Allens Boots designs boot styles specifically with the Lucchese and Old Gringo brands to create one-of-a-kind cowboy boots you’ll only find in our stores. For our Lucchese Exclusives, that means we pick the leather, the stitch pattern, the toe and/or heel style, thread color, and more. (Essentially, we’re designing the boot from scratch!) For Old Gringo boots, we start with their basic design and make it our own! We pick an existing style or design and change the leather, thread color, and/or toe/heel style.

Want to pick up a pair of your own? We’ve got dozens in-stores and online. Here are some of our favorites:Allens_Allens-Exclusives Continue Reading >

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Austin after Dark: Our Favorite Summer Austin Nightlife Spots

Austin Skyline Reflection On Lady Bird LakeYou don’t need to know much about Austin to know we’ve got some of the best nightlife in Texas. What some folks don’t know, though, is that there’s way more to goin’ out on the town than hittin’ 6th Street. Austin neighborhoods of all kinds play host to a good time; so put on your boots and head out for a fun night. Here are a few of our favorite places to visit when the sun goes down.

Rainey Street

Just a scant decade ago, Rainey Street was a purely residential area; which is why today, so many of the watering holes on the lane look like mid-century bungalows or modern ranch homes! Banger’s Sausage House, Javelina, the Blackheart, and more commingle with buildings that still serve as residences for a few Austinites. There are lots of places you can walk down the street and find a few bars, but none as diverse as Rainey Street. Continue Reading >

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5 Back-to-School Gameday Looks We Love

College football season is right around the corner, and it’s time to get geared up to support your favorite team! Check out some of our fabulous Polyvore sets designed to put your alma mater (or just your favorite college team) front and center with Gameday boots and matching ensembles.

Gameday boots are high-quality cowboy boots that are officially licensed and represent over 90 different colleges (adding more all the time!) from around the country. They are the most comfortable collegiate boots you will find on the market.

Now, let’s check out the fun:

University of Arkansas Razorbacks

Arkansas Gameday


Rock it for the Razorbacks with a black miniskirt from Madewell and ‘Heartthrob red’ silk-and-cashmere cardigan from DNKY. Accessorized with a cute tassel clutch from Cut N’ Paste, a black fedora with a classy flower accent from Tilly’s, and some red bauble jewelry, this outfit looks thrifty chic over a pair of Razorbacks Gameday boots from Allens Boots.

University of Texas Longhorns

University of Texas Gameday


When the big game for UT rolls around, show your spirit with flair. This sassy Hobbs Isabel dress will form the perfect backdrop for the stunning white leather Longhorns purse from Allens Boots; with a pair of Old Gringo Lylah-style boots in chocolate and mango complimenting the ensemble in style.

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5 of Allens’ Fanciest Lucchese Boots

The first Lucchese boots were made for the soldiers who trained at the U.S. Cavalry School at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio. Brothers Joseph, Michael, and Salvatore Lucchese made their boots first by hand, and later with the help of an inseaming machine. Lucchese custom-made cowboy boots and dress shoes were extremely popular in the 1940s and 50s; Lucchese boots appeared on famous feet such as Bing Crosby’s and Lyndon B. Johnson’s.

Though the company has relocated to El Paso, they brought along their reputation for exceptional hand-made boots and continue to produce the same level of extraordinary goods today. Lucchese boots range in style from simple classics to high-end leathers and embellishments. And while we’re fans of a classic, simple cowboy boot, it doesn’t hurt to take a gander at the fancy ones. Got plenty of dough? Check out our top 5 fanciest Lucchese boots.


Women’s Lucchese Ostrich Boots

Ostrich skin is one of the most popular ‘exotic’ skins on the market, due in no small part to the fact that it is quite a bit stronger than cow leather. These black ostrich boots are beautiful and can stand up to almost any workload and almost any social occasion. Continue Reading >

Brand Spotlight: Double J Saddlery

Black Arrow Double J Saddlery BeltYoakum, Texas is a town rich with leather history. Positioned on one of the feeder trails used by cattle wranglers to get their herds to the famous Chisholm Trail that led from Texas to Kentucky, it did not take long for local entrepreneurs to turn to leather as a commodity. From tanning to saddle making, the Yoakum leather workers have evolved with the times.

Today, one of the hills on the edge of town is locally known as “Boot Hill,” and it is in this hundred-year-plus tradition of handcrafted leatherwork that the Double J Saddlery brand crafts its amazing saddles, belts, and other leatherworks. Double J has more than 25 years of experience in the business, with three generations of the DeBord family invested in the company’s quality products.

What are those products? A huge variety of leather goods that range from tack and handbags to handmade Bible covers and of course, belts. Everything Double J crafts is made by hand in its workshop in Yoakum. Double J Saddlery belts are made with care using the same patterns, but no two of them are entirely identical. That’s because the company focuses on artisanship, turning great-looking leather into a top-tier product with a dedication to the craft and attention to detail. Continue Reading >

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Tips for Camping in Austin, Texas

186797745-Austin-camping-tentAustin is famous for a lot of things: live music, being weird, home-brewed beer, and most recently the Renegade Craft Fair. But not that many people think of Austin when they think, “Hey, let’s go camping!” And that’s a real shame, y’all. There are dozens of top-tier camping opportunities near the Live Music Capital of the World.

Places to Camp near Austin

While there are plenty of places y’all can camp and enjoy the great outdoors, here are a few perennial favorites.

McKinney Falls State Park offers plenty of camping sites, from ones that are nothin’ but nature to sites with running water and screen doors. The park is also home to ‘Old Baldy’, one of the oldest cypress trees in the State.

Sandy Creek Park on the shores of Lake Travis offers beautiful sites and a serene environment away from most of the boat traffic.

Cedar Breaks Park features campsites with both water and electricity at a very reasonable price, along with beautiful views of Lake Georgetown.

Lockhart State Park has some sites with water, and others that offer picnic tables, water, electricity and restroom facilities — along with the only staff-operated golf course in the Texas state park system.


Camping around Austin is all about proper prior preparation. While you don’t have to worry about bears or cougars in the area, there are plenty of raccoons, armadillos, and other little critters that might disturb you if you’re foolish with your food. Bring along something to tie your food up between a couple of trees with — or at the very least to seal away the smell if you’re planning on keeping it in your tent with you.

The wild areas near Austin have several different versions of ‘thorny weed’ that can get caught in your socks or pant legs. There are also several varieties of venomous snake in the area, so be sure to pack your cowboy boots and keep them on whenever you’re out camping.

Gear: To Buy or Rent?

Camping gear is a major rental market these days, and for good reason: it can get awfully expensive! Plus, if you’re only going to camp every few years, it’s often worth it to spend 1/4 of the money to rent your gear (and not have to find a place to keep it!). If you’re looking for places to rent camping gear in Austin, check out REI or Austin Outdoor Gear and Guidance.

If you’re camping even once a season on average, purchasing is the better choice. If you’re a once-in-a-while camper, consider taking a middle path; purchase the smaller, more home-useful items like a portable gas grill (great for power outages), and a camper’s first aid kit (to be ready in the car trunk for emergencies), and rent the tent, sleeping bags, and mats.

Enjoy Your Trip!

Down here in Austin, we are fortunate to have such stunning landscapes and plenty of places to go and appreciate them. So pack up your family, friends, and gear (or rent it) and go explore the beauty of Central Texas.

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4 Reasons to Love Old Gringo Boots

womens-chocolate-linda-l1025-1.1.3011x1772Founded nearly a decade and a half ago by a leather crafter and a designer working together to create boots that were both well-conceived and well-made, the Old Gringo brand combines old-school vintage handcrafting with cutting-edge style. Bridging the gap between ‘western’ and ‘couture’, these high-quality boots represent the perfect crossover of form and function. There are a number of reasons to love Old Gringo boots. Here are 4 of the best:

Constant Innovation

Old Gringo makes great cowboy boots…but that’s only the beginning. Every season, they’ve added new boots to their lineup. Some of them are variations on a theme, but after fourteen years in business, you can find Old Gringo boots that will fit your idiom whether you’re into European Vogue, High Equestrian, Rock Star, or New York Fashion Week.

Personal Styling

The above is not the extent of Old Gringo’s styling; not by a long shot. Their boots can be found in a dozen variations each. If sparkle is your style, pick up a pair of Swarovski crystal ; if you’re an old-fashioned cowpoke, there are classic tanned brown boots, perfect for hiding all the dust kicked up by a day on the trail.

Allens Exclusives

Allens Boots has a wide variety of exclusive boot designs from Old Gringo, including the Ladies of Allens series named after our own fabulous gals in the store! When a bootmaker is willing and able to work with a seller and craft something truly special, you know they love their products — and the people they work with.

Unparalleled Quality

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Make Your Hat Last Longer: Cowboy Hat Care Tips

Adults Stetson Corral Cowboy Hat

Buying a cowboy hat is a long-term investment, so it is important to establish good care practices from the start. Whether it’s straw or felt, the proper care techniques are key to extending the life of your hat, preserving its original quality, and maintaining its shape. Here are the 4 basic things to keep in mind when caring for your cowboy hat.

How to Handle Your Hat

Never put surface pressure on the brim of your cowboy hat; this includes setting the hat brim side down on a flat surface. This will cause the hat to lose shape or collapse. Additionally, avoid handling the brim with your hands. Dirt and oil from your hands will leave stains on the fabric or straw, so try to pick up and put on your hat by the crown.

How to Store Your Cowboy Hat

When your hat is not in use, store it in a hatbox in a cool, dry environment. Hatboxes protect your hat from light, dust, and damage, lengthening its lifespan. If a hatbox is not available, hang it on a hat stand. Extended periods of heat high heat will cause cowboy hats to shrink, so don’t leave it in the car or trunk! Continue Reading >

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Top Picks for Kid-Friendly Summer Fun in Austin

Allens_Kids-LibraryNeed places to go with the kiddos this summer? Sure, you can bring them along to plenty of free summer events in Austin, but there’s nothing like a fun event that’s just for kids. Fortunately, Austin is full of summer fun for children. Here are our top choices for an all-ages good time.

Thinkery – The New Austin Children’s Museum: All Summer

The Austin Children’s Museum has come a long way from its first appearance in 1983. From traveling exhibits, to a small location on W. 5th St., to its well-known location on 2nd St., the ACM is now “Thinkery”, a museum focusing on learning in all areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Thinkery hosts special events like Family Game Night; regular workshops like Intro to Soldering, Intro to E-Textiles, and Dry Ice Cream; summer camps with themes like Dino Mania and Time Travelers; birthday parties; and group tours. And that’s all in addition to their regular exhibits! Click the link in the heading to learn more about Thinkery summer events.

Free Youth Events at Austin Public Libraries: All Summer

With more than 20 locations, the Austin public library system is all about catering to the Austin community with free movies, music, storytimes, and even video games (Super Smash Bros Brawl Tournament, anyone?). Check out the events page above to select your preferred library location, event category, and date. Continue Reading >

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