The Best Cowgirl Boots for Summer 2014 Wedding Colors

From style ideas for South by Southwest to Gameday getups, we have an ensemble for every occasion on the Allens Boots Polyvore. Recently we checked into this year’s most popular wedding colors for summer 2014, and a few combinations inspired us to create Polyvore sets to match. If you or someone you know is planning a summer wedding and want to incorporate a little western cowgirl footwear into the mix, check ‘em out. Below you’ll find the best of soft green, sunshine yellow, bold coral, and navy blue. Wear these cowgirl boots with your own wedding gown, get them for your bridesmaids, or just use them as inspiration for your color palette!

Neutral Green

Neutral Greens for Wedding Style

For a splash of summertime color beneath a breezy wedding dress, don some sweet green Lucchese Classics. Using pale green as a centerpiece for your summer wedding color scheme gives you tons of options, so you can pair navy blue, neutral brown, gold, cream, and even blush with your main colors. These destroyed sage boots add a patterned kick and beautiful hues to a subdued look for an ensemble just right for summer.

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The Facts About Cowboy Boot Care and Storage

boot-storage-and-careAre you the proud owner of a brand new pair of cowboy boots? We want to make sure that your boots remain looking clean and new for a long time, but for that to happen, you need to make sure that you’re storing your boots correctly. We’ve come up with a list of four ways to store your boots so they continue to look amazing.

1. Boot Inserts Are Your Friends

So you’ve decided to store your cowboy boots in the closet without a box? Good choice. There are two things you need to do in this case to keep your boots in pristine condition. First, make sure your boots are placed at the front of your closet versus the back, because when they’re toward the back, there’s a higher probability that they’ll get knocked over and that things will accidentally be placed on top of them.

The next thing that is essential to keeping your boots in tiptop shape is always using boot inserts. We strongly recommend using a cedar boot tree for the bottom of the boot, which will prevent the toes from curling up once the sole has been broken in. If this isn’t your first rodeo when it comes to owning a pair of cowboy boots and you’ve never used a cedar boot tree before, you might be wondering why you should start now. Take a look at your boots’ toes. Have you ever noticed that the toes on your favorite boots have started to flex upward, even when you aren’t wearing them? This is from prolonged storage without a boot tree, which makes the flexing more pronounced, and can eventually cause your boots to crack at the side of the toe box.

If you have a pair of tall boots, we also suggest investing in a boot shaper. This is because tall cowboy boots have a tendency to flop over when stored upright. Now, if you don’t want to spend the money on a new boot shaper, don’t worry; there are alternatives that you can use such as wine bottles or rolled up newspaper that will keep them standing tall.

2. Knit Storage Bags

If your boots are made of an exotic skin like python or elephant, they will usually come with a “boot sleeve.” It’s basically a knit bag of sorts that you can keep over your boots that will help keep dust from collecting on top of them. When you store your boots upright in a knit storage bag, you’re allowing any moisture from wearing them to dry out, plus letting the leather breathe so that they don’t mold or smell.

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Allens Closeout Boot Sale! 5 Closeout Boots You Can’t Miss

Who doesn’t love a good cowboy boot sale? Allens Boots knows that boot-lovers are always on the hunt for a good bargain, and we’re happy to oblige y’all. Allens Boots’ closeout boots are all the styles you have come to know and love, from brands like Lucchese and Ariat… and they’re the last in our stock and at a low price! Yup, our closeout boots are first-come, first-served, so get ‘em before they’re gone! Here are our 5 favorite pairs of closeout boots this week.


1. Men’s Ariat Sport Brumby Boots in Rome Brown (#10011797)

These $99 Sport Brumby boots come from the Ariat Men’s Performance Collection, so you know they’ve got the comfort and design any serious boot-wearer needs. With an air mesh lining inside to keep your foot dry, to Ariat 4LR support technology in the sole, to a Duratread outsole with great traction, these closeout Ariat boots will support you all day with classic cowboy style. Full grain leather, an 11” shaft with a 5-row stitch pattern, and classic brown and burnt orange styling make these boots dependable and good-lookin’.

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Top 5 Favorite Ankle Boots for Spring 2014

While we recognize that it might not be warm for all y’all just yet (sorry, Minnesota), we’d like to get a jump on things and pull out our favorite ankle boots in preparation for springtime. Spring is the perfect time to break out a pair of ankle boots and embrace the warmer weather, since booties are a great match for spring skirts, dresses, and shorts. Whether spring is already in the air or you are simply planning ahead, read on and check out our top 5 favorite ankle boots for spring 2014.


1. Women’s Old Gringo Castellana Boots Black #Ogbl1530-1

For a relaxed, comfy, classic look, stick with a pair of short Old Gringo Castellana ankle boots in black. With a distressed leather finish, subtle stitching, and a round toe, these boots are chilled out enough to pair with jeans or skirts, and nice enough to complement a spring dress.

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How to Wear Men’s Dress Boots (with Suits, Slacks, and More)

Mens-Lucchese-Classics-Seville-Goat-Boots-Black-Cherry-L1505Fellas, we know the fashion world can to be hard to navigate, especially for those of y’all who like cowboy boots. Men’s boots are great for casual everyday wear, but what about special occasions? We know guys often ask: Can I wear cowboy boots with a suit? With slacks? To the office?

All are excellent questions, and today we’ll try and tackle them. If you’re lookin’ to blend in, follow the guidelines below for the perfect mix of western and everyday looks. If you’re a cowboy who doesn’t mind showin’ off, though, leave these rules at home and wear whatever you darn well please.

Choosing Men’s Dress Boots

When dressin’ up, start by choosing a quality pair of boots. You’ll want to stick with dark colors with little embellishment. That means leaning toward black or deep brown with minimal stitching, and steering clear of bright colors, patterns, or contrast welting on the outsole. Subtlety is the name of the game here. If you have a tried-and-true pair of boots for everyday or workin’ outside, leave those seasoned shoes in your closet and slip on something a little more polished.

When it comes to choosing a leather for men’s boots in this situation, opt for something subdued. You can’t go wrong with a pair of men’s boots made with dark calf or goat leather. If you want to go exotic, dark lizard, caiman, or ostrich are all good choices. Stay away from multi-colored python snakeskin.

Finally, pay attention to the toe shape. Pretty much anything is fine, but keep in mind that a pointed toe will be a more conspicuous than a square toe or round toe.

Pairing Your Pants with Dress Boots

When pairing men’s boots with pants, it’s all about fit and length. Straight-leg and boot cut jeans are best for pairing with cowboy boots. When it comes to length, make sure that the hem of your pants comes just to the shelf of the heel. The front of the hem should “stack” on the foot a little. If your pants are too long or too short to wear with your dress boots, get them altered or find a different pair.

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7 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Austin, Texas

Don your green and grab yourself a pint, Austinites! St. Patrick’s Day 2014 is nearly upon us. What Austin lacks in significant Irish population it more than makes up for in enthusiasm on this, the luckiest of all holidays.

Not sure what to do in Austin for St. Patrick’s Day? Here are 7 ways to get the most out of your 2014 St. Patrick’s Day in Austin on Monday—whatever your fancy is!




1. Fadó’s 18th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Party

One of the most popular destinations downtown on St. Paddy’s Day is every Austinite’s favorite Irish pub: Fadó. The 18th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Party at Fadó will shut down 4th Street for a gathering of drinks, food, live music, and general shenanigans. Tickets are cheap, so get ‘em before they’re gone.

2. Alamo Drafthouse St. Patrick’s Day Movies

Feeling a little funny? Head on over to your closest Alamo Drafthouse for a veritable buffet of laughs, libations, and excellent eats. The Alamo Drafthouses are an Austin original and a favorite for entertainment of all kinds. Sure, you could go see the latest new release and snack in the dark… but wouldn’t you rather laugh it up with Alamo? For a St. Paddy’s Day-themed good time, check out Master Pancake’s screenings of Leprechaun 2 and a Choose Your Own Pancake (so long as your movie is Ireland- or drinking-related) at the Ritz. Both feature commentary by comedian Doug Benson. For the full March calendar, click here and then navigate to the theater of your choice.

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4 Unique Belts to Freshen Your Spring Style

The spring thaw is fast approaching, and that means a total change of wardrobe for many cowboys-at-heart who have been dying to get comfortable in their western wear all winter. All around us we’ll be seeing beautiful spring dresses and plaid shirts galore, and for those who are looking for a unique element to spruce up their western style this spring, Allens Boots presents one of our all-time favorites accessories: belts.

Western belts

While Independence Day is still a few months down the road, it’s never too early to get into the patriotic spirit with the 3-D USA Flag Belt. Whether paired with your favorite pair of denim jeans or stylishly sashed upon your waist with a light spring dress, this unique western accessory is a great way to make a statement.

For those whose style is less colorful and more on the sultry side, the black Brighton Autry Ranger Belt is studded with just the right amount of pizazz. With its high-quality black leather and detailed silver conchos, you can spice up your denim without introducing too much color into your outfit.

Another neutral-colored belt with distinctive zest is the Brighton Natives One Belt with bone accents. This brown leather belt is far from traditional, flaunting gorgeously-detailed silver conchos coupled with native beads for a different take on southern style.

If your style is more low-key, but you still want that little bit of flair, the Brighton Fenced In Belt might be the right match. It features a well-balanced mix of black and brown leather, providing that creative twist without shouting your style too loudly.

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2014 Austin Rodeo Q & A: Everything You Need to Know about the Star of Texas Rodeo

Bull rider at the rodeo.The Austin Rodeo has just begun, and there are so many things to do and see. We know we’re excited, and we’re sure you are too. We also know you probably have many questions about how much tickets cost, who’s playing, and which events to be at, so we’ve written a Q & A that tells all. After you’ve read through these FAQs, you’ll be an expert on this year’s Star of Texas Rodeo.

Q: When is the Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo in 2014?

A: This year the rodeo in Austin will be held March 1st through the 16th.

Q: Where will the Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo be taking place this year?

A: The rodeo will take place at the Travis County Expo Center.

Q: Is there free parking at the Austin Rodeo?

A: Parking is not free, but you can purchase a parking pass for $10.

Q: Are Austin Rodeo tickets expensive?

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Allens Boots Named in the Top 10 Winners of the 2014 Statesman Social Media Awards

Tylee and Kristen at the Statesman to interview for the 2014 Statesman Social Media Awards.Howdy, folks! We’re doing a little celebrating today, and we wanted to share it with y’all. Allens Boots’ social media has just gotten some big time recognition from the Austin American-Statesman!

Kristen King, our Social Media Manager, and Tylee Suarez, our Marketing Director, have helped secure Allens Boots’ social media channels a spot in the top 10 for the 2014 Statesman Social Media Awards. Our Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Polyvore all received mentions.

In their interview with the Austin American-Statesman last week, Kristen and Tylee highlighted the reasons that Allens Boots are so interested in connecting with followers on social media. Allens Boots is focused on reaching out to fans, followers, and customers. We reward fans with sweepstakes, share what inspires us, and help customers from all over find the right boots, clothes, and accessories from our Austin and Round Rock locations. Said Kristen, “We really want to engage with our customers and engage with our fans on social media as well as in the store.”

You can watch Kristen and Tylee’s interview below, and click here to read the full article.

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Allens Boots Supports Pimpin Joy Week

Allens' Tylee Suarez is #pimpinjoy!This week, Allens Boots is proud to support Pimpin Joy Week. We first heard about Pimpin Joy, which lasts March 3-7, when listening to one of our favorite country radio talk shows, The Bobby Bones Show. After hearing about this incredible movement, we decided we’d be Pimpin Joy all week long.

For those who haven’t yet heard of Pimpin Joy Week, it’s a week dedicated to choosing joy despite any suffering that you might be going through; and no matter your situation, living life to the fullest. This movement was created by Bobby Bones and his radio buddies in honor of Amy’s (one of his crew members) mother Judy who has been battling cancer for the past two years. Amy’s mother has shown not only great amounts of courage, but has also remained joyful the whole time, choosing to appreciate life and be an inspiration to all.

Pimpin Joy Week does even more than pay tribute to Judy; it honors all who choose joy over sorrow. The Bobby Bones Show has asked listeners to share their own personal stories by calling in to the show or using the hashtag #pimpinjoy on social media to inspire others going through a rough patch. Many have called in to say that they’ve tackled cancer or that they’re trying to be a positive influence to sick patients by bringing encouraging cards to various hospitals. Country singer Walker Hayes even wrote a song for Judy called, “Joy Like Judy” to show his dedication to the effort. Another group of supporters was a couple from Dallas who designed and sold bumper stickers that said, “Big Pimpin”, so that they could donate the proceeds to cancer research. These amazing acts of kindness that have been demonstrated through the Pimpin Joy message are truly incredible, and we want to thank Bobby Bones and his radio crew for allowing us to show our support for cancer patients everywhere.

Even though Pimpin Joy is only one week, we plan on implementing its message all year ‘round at Allens Boots. We hope that you’ve been as inspired as we have, and that you always pimp joy.

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