Lookin’ Good in Robert Graham Apparel

Fellas, for the past couple of weeks we have focused on fashion for the ladies… but this week it’s your turn!  Robert Graham apparel is a great addition to the wardrobe of any fine cowboy, and we’d like to tell you a little bit about the company and show you a look you’ll love.

Robert Graham launched its first collection in 2001, and has since been making what it calls “American Electic” clothing for men and women.  The sophisticated but unique aesthetic that Robert Graham apparel brings to the fashion world is just the kind of thing Allens Boots looks to bring to its western wear.  While some of our clothing leans toward the casual side, our Robert Graham apparel adds a dash of sophistication to the mix.  Robert Graham apparel can be found all over the world, both at luxury department stores, and in showrooms in New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, London, and Dusseldorf.

Mens Robert Graham The Sound Apparel  #Ff101411bg     Mens Robert Graham Turin Apparel Dark Brown #Rf125040

The Men’s Robert Graham The Sound Apparel #FF101411BG dress shirt is nice, but casual.  Its checkered pattern comes in three colors, and matches most anything.  Part of the appeal of Robert Graham dress shirts is the fine detailing they feature.  Inside the cuffs, collar, and around the first button you can see a hint of bold color, separating this shirt from the other, plainer plaid sport shirts.

Next, pair that shirt with the classic Men’s Robert Graham Turin Apparel Dark Brown #RF125040 jacket.  This two-button leather blazer is great for a day-to-day look.  Its notched lapel and welted pockets with suede trim add a clean, sharp touch to an outfit while keeping you warm.  It is also practical, with two pockets at the waist, one on the chest, as well as two inner pockets.  And in true Robert Graham apparel fashion, the lining of this jacket holds a surprise: it is colorfully patterned!

To browse our selection of Robert Graham apparel and other western apparel, come on down to one of our Allens Boots stores.  And be sure to check back in to the Boot Blog next week (on New Year’s Day!), when we’ll surprise you with our top three most unusual Ariat boots.  Take care, y’all, and have a happy holiday!

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